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Bontrol Systems is pleased to introduce MPS Microsystems which excels in the design and production of complex micro-mechanical and motorized linear solutions below 5 micron accuracy. Please invite MPS Microsystems to assist you on your most challenging projects, from concept studies to product design, industrialization and production or contract manufacturing. We look forward to an opportunity to earn your business.

MPS Microsystems develops and manufactures high-precision, high-performance very low-friction electro-mechanical microsystems. Managing the miniaturization and integration of functions in small spaces, MPS Microsystems provides solutions that meet specific customer requirements.

Located in Bienne, Switzerland, in a modern and well equipped facility MPS Microsystems offers its 150 employees an exceptional working environment and provides customers with unique capabilities that are perfectly suited to the requirements of the high-tech and medical sectors.

Developed and manufactured by MPS, this guidance system precisely actuates 2 pair of lenses on a linear basis with a laser beam passing through them. This actuator consists of two 16mm Faulhaber BLDC motors with high resolution encoders, ball screws, linear bearings and balls manufactured by MPS. This system ensures that the lenses are completely perpendicular with the axis during any movement within 1 micron accuracy.

Area Of Expertise
Research and Development
The high level of training and experience of its micro-mechanical engineers allows MPS to quickly develop innovative solutions that mee
t the needs of its customers. MPS developments and documentation meet the international standards of the medical market.

Fully equipped, the prototyping workshop guarantees the production and modification of rapid prototypes, free from the logistical constraints of mass production. The equipment includes lathes, milling machines, wire erosion machines and grinding machines.

The turning workshop has 12 CNC turning machines used to machine bars from 2 to 42 mm. Each work bench is equipped with measuring instruments for controlling, at any time, the quality of the product manufactured. MPS sets itself apart thanks to its grinding and polishing expertise. In these workshops, components achieve dimensional precision of less than one micron

MPS specializes in micro-assembly of complex systems which require specialist knowledge of specific expertise. The size of parts and the required precision necessitate a controlled atmosphere in the entire assembly workshop with continual air change and filtration. A clean room ISO 7 is available for implantable medical applications. MPS key skills include assembly of micro-components, laser welding, laser marking, gluing, precision lubrication, washing and pairing

Project Management
In the MPS project development process, customers are in close contact with a dedicated project manager who ensures close communication and coordination with the internal project team and external partners. The MPS management system integrates the project management process.

The MPS Quality department ensures the continuation of certification: ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2012, ISO 14001: 2004

Home  /  About Us  / All Mfgs / Custom Transformers Micro Precision Sys / In Mold Electronics 

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