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Duratech creates innovative human machine interface solutions for many industries with our In-Mold Electronics (IME) manufacturing technology. Known as the perfect union of form and function, IME integrates printed, conductive inks with In-Mold Electronics.             
Historic expert in Miniature Ball Screw

With nearly 80 years of experience in the field of high-precision microsystems,
MPS manufactures high-precision and high-performance miniature ball screws
and linear bearings.  Company Brief

Standard Ball Screws
MPS offers a comprehensive range of miniature high-precision ball screws with a positioning accuracy of less than 5 µm.  The ball screw technology developed by MPS leads to high efficiency and outstanding performance, reliability and smoothness.  MPS ball screws are made entirely out of stainless steel and all components are ground.  They are fitted with double nuts to adjust play from 1 to 3 µm.

Customized Ball Screws
Many MPS customers require specific mechanical interfaces or special characteristics.  MPS excels in customization with two essential features - precision and compactness.  Please let us know your requirements.

Linear Bearing
MPS specializes in miniature high-precision linear bearings featuring standard stainless steel housings and brass retainers.  Along with providing the smallest linear bearing available on the market, MPS offers a comprehensive range of bore diameters.

Ball Bushing
Featuring a unique plastic body design, this comprehensive range of miniature precision linear bearings offers significant cost savings.
- Measure, Zoom, Pressure Sensing
- Radial Button
- Slide Option
- Wheel Button
- Detent Control
- Momentum Control
- Haptic Control

 Duratech offers OEM's the highest quality custom label printing services ranging from custom nameplates, graphic overlays, screen & digital printing to touch screens, membrane switches and in-mold electronics.

Nameplates & Labels                                                                                                
Touch Screens                                                                                                             
Membrane Switches                                                                                                
Overlays & Panels                                                                                                       
IME In-Mold Electronics
Membrane Switch Assembly
Supplier Managed Inventory

Standard miniature ball screws of MPS Microsystems
Linear ball bushings of MPS Microsystems
Linear bearings of MPS Microsystems
Customized miniature ball screws of MPS Microsystems
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