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Precise Motion
Consumer Products  /  Health Care  /  Alternative Energy  /  Equipment Automation  /  Defense
Latest News!
Bontrol Systems is pleased to introduce Micro Precision Systems for standard and custom solutions in micro space.
- Large parts where tooling costs are prohibitive
- Finishing
  Cosmetic painting
  Decorative painting
  Two color painting
  EMI/RFI shielding
- Wide range of materials to meet specific
  mechanical requirements


With nearly 150 employees on site with sophisticated and fully customized facilities of over 14,400m², MPS Microsystems offers its employees an exceptional working environment and provides customers with unique capabilities that are perfectly suited to the requirements of the medical and high-tech sectors.
Optical fiber positioner that enables the analysis of light emitted by distant galaxies
Linear Lens Actuator with accuracy to 1 Micron
All of our parts are held to the
highest quality.

Tactile probe based on MPS linear bearing technology
Biocompatible implantable peristaltic pump
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