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With nearly 80 years of experience in the field of high-precision microsystems, MPS manufactures high-precision and high-performance miniature ball screws and linear bearings.  Company Brief

Standard Ball Screws
MPS offers a comprehensive range of miniature high-precision ball screws with a positioning accuracy of less than 5 µm.  The ball screw technology developed by MPS leads to high efficiency and outstanding performance, reliability and smoothness.  MPS ball screws are made entirely out of stainless steel and all components are ground.  They are fitted with double nuts to adjust play from 1 to 3 µm.

Customized Ball Screws
Many MPS customers require specific mechanical interfaces or special characteristics.  MPS excels in customization with two essential features - precision and compactness.  Please let us know your requirements.

Linear Bearing L-Line
MPS specializes in miniature high-precision linear bearings featuring standard stainless steel housings and brass retainers.  Along with providing the smallest linear bearing available on the market, MPS offers a comprehensive range of bore diameters.

Linear Bearings DBL - Line
Featuring a unique plastic body design, this comprehensive range of miniature                                     precision linear bearings offers significant cost savings.
Hurst has been an integral part of life in Princeton, Indiana, since 1950 when a small family owned tool shop first opened its doors. Three generations of the family have maintained a strong sense of quality and high customer satisfaction asthe key goals to advance the company in the design and production of precision electric motors.
Over the years, Hurst has grown into one of the top producers of sub-fractional motors supporting key applications including robotics, equipment automation, instrumentation, x-y positioning, pumps and medical devices. Our highly skilled engineers are here to help you on your next project with the use of Pro/Engineer and Solid Edge software to help with the design for lower-cost and high performance application. Hurst also has standard line of "Off-The-Shelf" Brushless DC Servo, Stepping, Brushed DC, Synchronous, Induction and Linear Actuator Motors, just click and ship!

Merkle-Korff Industries is a leading manufacturer of gearmotors and motor solutions for a wide variety of OEM applications. Merkle-Korff's product lines include brushless DC Motors and Planetary Gearmotors.

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